Gymkana Digital Turística, the fairy godmother of forgotten towns


If we were to tell a child about the work of Gymkana Digital Turística in towns, we would tell the story of Cinderella, and here’s why: Cinderella was a sweet, intelligent, hardworking, and beautiful girl who, after her father’s death, was despised by her stepmother and condemned to live in the shadow of her stepsisters […]

5 new Digital Tourist Gymkhanas in the province of Álava

5 nuevas Gymkanas Digitales Turísticas en la provincia de Álava

The new Gymkhanas invite you to discover 5 municipalities in the province: Antoñana, Estíbaliz, Markinez, Salvatierra, and Salinas de Añana.Yesterday, in a press conference, Ramón Martín, CEO of Gymkana Digital Turística, and Cristina González Calvar, Deputy for Employment, Trade, and Tourism Promotion of the Provincial Council of Álava – Arabako Foru Aldundia, presented 5 new […]

Welcome Amelia!

Bienvenida Amelia

Amelia joins the team of Digital Tourist Gymkana! We are thrilled to introduce a new addition to the Digital Tourist Gymkana team: Amelia. We named her after the famous explorer Amelia Earhart, the most renowned pilot of all time, a pioneering, adventurous, and courageous woman, just like our project. Amelia has just completed her around-the-world […]