Gymkana Digital Turística, the fairy godmother of forgotten towns

If we were to tell a child about the work of Gymkana Digital Turística in towns, we would tell the story of Cinderella, and here’s why:

Cinderella was a sweet, intelligent, hardworking, and beautiful girl who, after her father’s death, was despised by her stepmother and condemned to live in the shadow of her stepsisters forever. Relegated to a gray existence, Cinderella becomes a complete stranger to society. Without interacting with anyone other than a couple of mice and dreaming of a prosperous and happy life, she knows she deserves something better, and the day comes when she decides to go to the ball.

Thanks to the Fairy Godmother who provides her with a dress, a carriage, and the famous glass slippers, Cinderella arrives at the Palace as what she was meant to be: a princess, and she dazzles everyone with her presence, wondering how it is possible that no one had heard of this girl before. That unknown girl is that forgotten town, that hidden place overshadowed by tourism giants that seems to have lost its identity but, deep down, has all the potential to dance with the rest and shine with its own light.

Our work at Digital Tourist Gymkhana is like that of the fairy godmother.

Immersing ourselves in each town that decides to bet on itself, we bring out its greatest attraction through an experience that will make people wonder how they didn’t know about this place before. The gymkhana is that sparkling glass slipper that leads the prince to relive his magical experience dancing with that girl, turning her into someone with the name and identity she deserves. The town shows us its essence, and through our routes, we present it in its finest attire: its history, culture, and traditions.

Providing these places with the opportunity to occupy the place they deserve is what motivates us every day to continue our work.

And you, are you ready for the next dance?