La marraine des villages oubliés

The fairy godmother of forgotten towns

Cinderella helped by the fairy godmother of forgotten towns

When attempting to articulate the work of Gymkana Digital Turística in small towns, the tale of Cinderella springs to mind. Why? Let’s delve in:

Cinderella was a youthful, kind-hearted, intelligent, and beautiful maiden. After her father’s death, she’s demoted to a minor role in her own dwelling. Consigned to live in her stepsisters’ shadows, her life turns gray. With nothing but a pair of mice for companionship and dreams of a prosperous future, she decides to attend the ball.

The Fairy Godmother surfaces and aids her with a gown, a coach, and the famed glass slippers. Cinderella arrives at the palace and leaves everyone awestruck. This obscure young lady symbolizes a forgotten town, a locale eclipsed by tourism behemoths. Nonetheless, it has every potential to gleam independently.

The Role of Gymkana Digital Turística

At Gymkana Digital Turística, we assume the Fairy Godmother’s role. We immerse ourselves in every town that chooses to believe in its own worth. We spotlight its allure with an experience that astonishes visitors. The gymkhana is the glimmering shoe that entices the prince to replicate his magical dance experience with Cinderella. Consequently, the town secures the identity and recognition it merits.

The town unveils its essence to us. In reciprocation, we exhibit it in its most resplendent garb: its history, culture, and tradition. Our aim is to endow these locations with the chance to claim the space they deserve in the world. That’s the daily impetus propelling our endeavor.

So, are you primed for the next dance?