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Improve the visitor experience. We ensure that each visitor has a unique and memorable interaction with your municipality.

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Increase the duration of their stay. Make visitors enjoy much more time exploring and discovering every single corner.

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Highlight the culture, heritage, and history of the place, emphasizing its uniqueness and appeal to all visitors.

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Digitize your town’s stories with Amelia

Welcome to the Digital Tourism Revolution.

Did you know there’s an innovative and exciting way to showcase the culture, heritage, and history of your municipality? Let us take you by the hand on this digital journey that will transform each visitor’s experience!


Amelia is an expert in digitalization.

Her passion is to help visitors fall in love with every special corner of your town. Together with her team, she creates easy-to-implement digital projects that not only attract visitors but also significantly enhance their experience.


Our objectives:

  • Improve the visitor experience: by offering information in an interactive and dynamic way, we ensure that visitors feel more connected and excited about every site they discover.

  • Increase the duration of visits: by providing engaging content and puzzles that spark curiosity, we make each visit an unforgettable and prolonged experience..

  • Highlight culture and heritage: through the digitalization of tourist resources, we emphasize the most important and unique aspects of your locality, allowing its history and cultural richness to shine.

  • Promote the local economy: we encourage spending at local businesses by including recommendations for restaurants, shops, and events in our digital content, fostering greater interaction with the community.

  • Foster visitor loyalty: we create such a memorable and positive experience that visitors will not only want to return but also share their experiences and recommend the destination to others
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Our Solution:
Did you know…?

Based on the idea of “Very interesting,” it aims to inform visitors about the curiosities of the place regarding culture, heritage, history, gastronomy, etc.

A digital platform that allows easy and hassle-free access to tourist information. Forget about cumbersome apps and registrations. Visitors can access all content through a website and plaques with QR codes, strategically placed in your locality.

♦ And with puzzles in different resources to make the visit more dynamic.


How we do it:

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Content Collection and Creation: we work with the local council to gather information about points of interest and create attractive and accessible content.

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Digitalization: we develop aluminum plaques with QR codes, without the need for apps or registrations, for quick and easy access.

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Promotion and publication: we publish the content on a dedicated website and promote the project on social media to attract maximum attention.


Immediate Benefits:

Cultural Enrichment: Learning the history behind each monument, street, or square.

Interactivity and Gamification: We integrate puzzles to make the visit more dynamic and entertaining.

Barrier-Free Access: Accessible content without the need to download applications.