Gymkana Digital Turística es noticia. Hablan de nosotros en El País

Gymkana Digital Turística is news. El País talk about us

Gymkana Digital Turística is news. El País talk about us, highlighting our growing impact

In its article, El País introduces us as an outdoor escape room suitable for all ages. It tells our story, which you may not know yet. Did you know how the idea of Digital Tourist Gymkhanas came about?

Our founders, Ramón Martín and Marc Guillén, created several Gymkhanas in companies to learn while playing. They realized the enormous potential of gamification in rural tourism, a sector that, until then, had not sufficiently taken advantage of it.

With an initial investment of 20,000 euros, four employees, and a turnover of 200,000 euros in 2022, Digital Tourist Gymkhana is news because we now have more than 150 routes and more than 40 under development in various Spanish cities.

More than 25,000 people have already enjoyed our Gymkhanas

Our goal is to highlight and promote the historical and cultural heritage of small municipalities through a clue game full of enigmas to solve.

Thanks to our games, travelers can discover the rich historical, cultural, and artistic heritage of lesser-known municipalities. Our Gymkhanas reveal hidden treasures and offer travelers a fun and interactive way to know the territory. And the best part is that anyone can enjoy a Digital Tourist Gymkhana. You don’t need to download any application, nor book a time. Just scan a QR code with your mobile and start playing, at any time and day of the year. As simple as that.

So now you know, Digital Tourist Gymkhana is news in El País, and we are delighted to share our mission and achievements with everyone. We invite you to read the full article to know more about us and why we are news in El País here.

We await you on our routes, where fun, learning, and adventure combine to offer you a unique tourist experience. Experience the Digital Tourist Gymkhana and discover a new way of traveling!