Bienvenida Amelia

Amelia joins the Gymkana Digital Turística team

We are pleased to announce an exciting new addition to our team! Amelia joins the Gymkana Digital Turística team! Her name pays homage to the famous explorer and aviator Amelia Earhart, a pioneer in her time and a symbol of courage, adventure, and bravery. We believe her spirit perfectly represents the essence of our project.

Amelia: A Traveler with an Explorer’s Spirit

Just like the legendary Earhart, our Amelia is also a born traveler. She has just completed a dream trip around the world and is now ready to embark on a new adventure as part of our Digital Touristic Gymkana team. She will be exploring every corner of Spain, actively participating in our Digital Gymkhanas and recommending unique and charming destinations.

Discover Destinations with Digital Gymkhanas

What better way to discover a destination than through a Touristic Digital Gymkhana? Amelia will take this to a new level, turning each Digital Gymkana into an experience full of excitement, discovery, and learning. As a new member of our Digital Touristic Gymkana team, Amelia will share with us and our entire community curiosities, amazing destinations, local secrets, and much more.

Amelia: A New Voice on Our Social Networks

But that’s not all. Amelia will not only be the face of our Digital Gymkhanas, but she will also become an important voice on our social networks and in the communication of our Gymkhanas. So, from now on, get ready to see Amelia frequently, sharing her experiences, discoveries, and of course, lots of fun.

The Experience of the Digital Touristic Gymkana

We firmly believe that there is no better way to experience a Digital Touristic Gymkana than living it first-hand, and we are sure that Amelia will help us convey this experience to all of you. Welcome to the Digital Touristic Gymkana team, Amelia! We are filled with joy and anticipation to embark on this exciting journey together.

Join the Adventure with Amelia and Digital Touristic Gymkana

So, now you know, if you’re looking for thrills, discoveries, and a new way to explore Spain, join Amelia and the entire Digital Touristic Gymkana team. We are sure you will love being part of this exciting adventure. See you at the next Digital Touristic Gymkana!

We are so happy to let the world know: Amelia joins the Gymkana Digital Turística team!