Bienvenida Amelia

Welcome Amelia!

Amelia joins the team of Digital Tourist Gymkana! We are thrilled to introduce a new addition to the Digital Tourist Gymkana team: Amelia. We named her after the famous explorer Amelia Earhart, the most renowned pilot of all time, a pioneering, adventurous, and courageous woman, just like our project. Amelia has just completed her around-the-world journey, and from now on, she will embark on many adventures, conducting Digital Gymkhanas throughout Spain and recommending numerous destinations.

Amelia will share interesting facts, destinations, and much more while participating in Gymkhanas. After all, there is no better way to enjoy a Gymkana than by experiencing it firsthand. You will now see Amelia on our social media platforms and in the communication of some Gymkanas. Welcome to the team, Amelia!